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Author: lori.b.blum.fagien

I am a resilient, kind, determined, humble, peaceful, giving, humorous and understanding individual. I have had darkness and pain from childhood to post divorce dilemmas. My daily journals have encouraged me to rejoice in my interests and hobbies that provide the peace, quiet and happiness that gives off the aura to others just how deep and accomplished I am through my triumphs, failures, and dilemmas creating a better me! New paths along with deeper inner thoughts. The acceptance of my past leads to solace and inner sanctity. The challenges continue as I repress negativity, frustrations, anxiety, anger or unhappiness that are daunting to keep me down. Seeking forgiveness of those who will never take hold nor be accountable is wasted effort. Therefore, I believe in being a good person, while I can enlighten other's lives with my gestures of kindness. A meaningful life is one that creates your legacy, your footprint, your loving relationships, and contributions to the masses. Each day that passes, is one less breath I will take tomorrow. I know one day I will find true love as I have found with my puppy, Tootsie. I believe it can be attained. I have unique attributes such as making others smile, laugh and be happy. I have a varied amount of talents through my hobbies and interests. I have accepted my personal conflicts. My goals now are to have a happy moment every day that I live. My writings, recipes, and photos of my hobbies reveal who I am, where I am, and where I am going. I agree on disagreeing with others. Embracing past events, while accepting my fate, is how I will continue my journey at this new juncture. We all have many forks in the road. I want to feel independently proud of myself while removing dependency. I love that feeling and somehow I’ve gotten lost along the way. Cherish love, embrace love, and never let it go. I have the power to say I love me!

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